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We are committed to:

• Understanding your needs and wishes
• Providing the right advice and quick answers to your questions
• Knowing how our waterjet solutions can best suit your needs
• Supporting you throughout the project until it is completed to your satisfaction
• Delivering what we promise in all situations


Today’s Marine Jet Power is the result of the 2012 merger of Ultra Dynamics and MJP Waterjets. But our history has roots extending back some 50 years – deep into the origins of waterjet propulsion.

For several decades, great engineering minds were working around the world to perfect the waterjet concept. In the UK during the mid 60s, the Dowty Group, an aerospace and engineering conglomerate, was making drive units for military craft. In the U.S., Ultra Dynamics took over the marine propulsion sector of Ultra Hydraulics.

Meanwhile, in Sweden, MJP was created in 1986 as a joint venture between the Marinteknik Shipyard and the Österby Gjuteri, a foundry with specialty expertise in casting stainless steel. Within a year they had designed and delivered their first waterjets – an installation that is still in daily service in the ”Cinderella” fleet of large ferries in the Stockholm archipelago.

Each of these pioneering companies saw the future advantages of waterjet systems and made their special contributions. Now, their skill, commitment and knowledge in waterjet propulsion are effectively synergized into today’s Marine Jet Power.



Group Structure

Marine Jet Power Group is organised in a legal structure:
Marine Jet Power Inc, Columbus, Ohio , USA
Marine Jet Power AB, Uppsala Sweden
Marine Jet Power Singapore, International Business Park Singapore

Executive Committee

Magnus Sörenson
Erling Tomasson
Staffan Sörmark

Board of Directors

Claes Rudling
Board member
Janne Holmia
Board member
owner representative
Arne Handeland
Board member
owner representative
Jan Söderström


The combined Research and Development expertise within our group comprises enormous potential to shape the future of waterjet propulsion. Yet at the same time we use these skills to constantly refine our existing product lines. In recent years we have accomplished this by focusing on improving waterjet serviceability and by enhancing performance with better cavitation margins and higher thrust.

Our strong history of breakthroughs includes early waterjet patents. For instance our floating and comparatively flexible drive-shaft allows minimum blade-tip clearance and its own simple and efficient shaft seal. The mixed-flow pump was selected to give greater thrust, and our units produce higher top speeds for equivalent outputs, and lower fuel consumption during operation.

Each new waterjet design concept is developed in a 3D CAD environment. Then, scale models are built and tested by skilled Marine Engineers and Naval Architecture. When the time comes to produce crucial new parts and components, we can manufacture these in our own facilities – from casting and machining to final assembly.


Testimonials about MJP Waterjets and Ultrajet

"As builders we were very impressed with the package supplied by Ultrajet. The build quality of the jets and associated components was evident as soon as the crates were opened. The backup was also first class and all this is demonstrated in the ability to put a boat in the water and have no issues whatsoever.”
Jack B, Ship yard, UK


“I would like to thank you and your team for participating in our Bridge Erection Boat Phase 1 program. Your team’s knowledge of the program and pat experiences regarding Bridge Erection Boats proved to be very helpful during the ‘very short lead time’ we had to deliver our product.”

Tim K. Marine Industry, US

“Thank you for cooperation! Due to your wonderful waterjet on trials the anchor boat with displacement of 21 tons gained the velocity of 18 kmh (10 knots) instead of designed 12 kmh (6.5 knots)! Now boats put into operation in Russia.”
Vladimir G. Technical Leader of Project

“Jet setup was a piece of cake. No issues, and much simpler than I originally thought.”
Keith R, Chief Engineer at boat builder finishing their first-ever jet boat

“I was very impressed by the system in the first sea trials we did. Now, that I know it better, and have a clue on the amount of engineering imbedded in it, I admire it even more. Congratulations and thanks for all the support.”
Danial P. Marine Industry, South America

“Congratulations to you and all those who chose the jet drive configuration for this project – you were exactly right.”
Andy S. Boat builder, US

“Overall, we had a successful seatrial. The jets worked well with no strange problems of any sort. I will forward the seatrial report to you later this morning. Meantime, a few quick notes: The boat accelerated out of the hole like a rocket, with zero to 25 knots in 10 seconds light and 13 seconds full load. It was very sporty, even at full load! The jets behaved predictably across the entire speed and bucket range with no unexpected changes in RPM, no vibration or noise and any sort, and overall were just great. They did their job without complaint.”
Robert K. Naval Architect

“I would like to say that we have had excellent service from both Ultrajet and Scania they have attended the vessel quickly to resolve guarantee issues and problems with their respective units, please pass on my appreciation to both parties.”
Steve R. Operator of boats servicing electricity-generation wind farms. UK

“I do LOVE these drives. Seriously, at first I was reluctant to buy the boat with these drives...but I don't think I'll own a boat without them now. You can do ANYTHING with the boat...really badass. Thank you for everything, your company's support is great!”
Scott S, Company owner, US

“I’m very pleased with the high quality finish and performance of the craft. I’m also delighted with the Ultra joystick control system. I originally thought it would take a while to get used to, but I have been able to manoeuvre the boat out of a very tight pontoon berth. She’s been so easy to handle and responds instantly. Holding station alongside the landing stage will be much easier for passenger’s embarkation using the joystick combined bow thruster controls. Coming back in this evening, having had no previous joystick experience, I was able to slip back into a very tight marina first time."
Steve C. Owner and operator of wildlife excursion boat

“I can sum it up in one word. Wow! What a rig. I'll try and get you some picture and stats when I get a minute. Very impressive.”
Greg Gabriel, Commercial fisherman, US

“We don’t like it, we love it”.
Col. Coast Guard, US

“We received the new pin Wednesday at 0830, my compliments to you and the UK boys for getting the part off so quickly.
Kent M. Manager, US

“I have to say that on installation point of view your Jet is very cool. So far we found it is very easy to install compared to other jet we had installed in the past.”
Thanakhet S. Production Manager, United Arab Emirates

“I can’t thank you enough for going beyond and doing this. I will send this along. Thank you!!!!!”
Stephanie P. Office Manager, Alaska

“Getting our offshore technicians out to site in a safe and timely manner is crucial to the long term success of any offshore wind farm. The South Boats Catamaran is a proven performer that ticks all the boxes. Fitted with an UltraJet waterjet propulsion system gives the cat increased manoeuvrability and the ability to hold station while work is being carried out. A key requirement when servicing offshore wind farms, especially in very rough sea conditions.”
Tom W. Project Developer, UK

“The Ultrajet 305 paired with the 272 kW Iveco engine is just amazing, we originally had a Castoldi on one of the craft and a Saro surface drive fitted on the other, which simply couldn’t easily get on plane with a full passenger load and only achieved some 28 knots!” (Ultrajet-propelled boat was reported to achieve 38 knots with full passenger load)”
David S. Excursion Tour Operator, UK

“I am absolutely thrilled with my new boat, the more I run it the more I like it. After 20 years of having outdrives, the ease and stress free operation of a jet is amazing. Everything is easier with the jet, especially maneuvering the boat while around the net. The Ultrajet 305 paired with the Cat C7 seems to be an excellent combination. I am very happy with the almost total lack of cavitation, and the integrated hydraulic pump for the shift system and inboard hydraulic cylinder. Now that the season is winding down besides the stress free operation of the 305, I am realizing the low amount of maintenance necessary for the jet.”
Thae T., Commercial Fisherman, Alaska.

“Thought you would be interested in the tow tests we performed on the Cable Service Boat currently being built at ACB boats. The boat out performed the CGG Veritas criteria laid out in the build specification by approximately 20% in all aspects.”
Rob S. Small Craft Supervisor, An International Offshore Service Provider

“At 1,900 to 2,000 rpm we cruise at 12 - 13 knots. Fuel burn is low and the ride is wonderful. I know I have never ridden on a sailboat at half throttle that travels at these speeds. It powers effortlessly.”
Jack M. Sailboat Builder, US

“I am happy about the jet performance. I am able to run 100-200 rpm's lower with the Ultrajet than i did with the Hamilton. My speed is better than before, even at those lower rpm's. It will definitely push more weight. I have been able to plane with 800-1000 pounds of fish on-board in the ocean (good weather conditions). With the Hamilton, I virtually was done planing with half of that weight.”
Jeff P. Commercial Fisherman Alaska

“I was very impressed with the robust construction of the jets and I will continue to go your direction with upcoming projects.”
Bruce B. Naval Architect, US

“I want to thank you and Ultradynamics for your fantastic support that you have given us. Peter and Tom are both exceptionally knowledgeable of your product and were very eager to work with our crew to get the desired thrust.
Tim K. Government Sales/Project Manager, US

“Finally this is the first Ultrajet I have seen in close up. It puts the Hamilton in the shade.”
David H. Boat manufacturer, UK

“Thank you again for supporting Hinckley and Gorham in what appears to be a very successful installation. I picked the boat up from Hinckley on Sunday and ran it back to Annapolis. I will need some more experience and hours running the new joy stick system to understand its full capabilities, but it is obvious that it adds a whole new dimension of control to the vessel and I am very pleased to have it.”
Jamie Loftus: Owner of a Legacy 34 Motor Yacht with twin UltraJet 305 propulsion following conversion to joystick control.

"We were very impressed by the performance of our new boat; it's very responsive and jumps onto plane in no time. The maneuverability that the jets provide us with is exceptional and the load carrying capabilities and speeds we are achieving are also impressive. With one quarter of fuel and a crew of two we are getting close to 40 knots top speed! This is better than we had ever hoped for. On one occasion we added an extra 8 tons of load to the boat and were still able to get 28 knots! That was really impressive! In another we towed a boat that weighed 100 tons at a speed of 12 knots."
Per-Sverre, Managing Director, Norway

"The Spirit Of Skye finished its trials with flying colors. The performance was better than hoped for by a large margin. A top speed of 32.7 knots was recorded. The vessel is now in service – the jets are superb and well ahead of others we have used.”
Sandy M. Boat Builder UK

"The Explorathor is just like a brand new boat. It has never gone as fast and been so maneuverable. I only wish I had re-jetted sooner.”
Cedric T. Owner and Operator of Whale Watch after upgrading to UltraJet. Canada

"The Surfhunter 29 is the latest in a 30+ year history of C. Raymond Hunt-designed jet boats. The UltraJet system and the Hunt hull provide spirited performance and precise maneuverability.”
Peter L. Boat Builder, US

"When the Ultrajets were delivered I was really impressed with the quality standard and how easily we fitted them. During sea trials the boat performed faultlessly and proved the hulls compatibility with the Ultrajet unit and speeds. Performance and maneuverability were well above expectation.”
Ben C. Builder of aluminum catamarans UK

"She is in service and our coxwains are coming to terms with the joystick controls. She is performing very well in some quite adverse weather conditions.”
Bill B. Operations Manager., Australia

"....this week the boat hit 35 knots, remember that’s a single jet with a 350 Cat, so pretty amazing.”
Mike A. After converting his fishing excursion boat from Hamilton. Costa Rica

"Reports from Portland are that they have been able to increase the pilot transfer speed compared to the old boat (a Nelson 40) from about 8 knots to 12 knots, partly because of improved stability and partly because of controllability.”
Michael H. Naval Architect and designer. Australia



24 September 2018

Hos Marine Jet Power i Uppsala tillverkas vattenjetaggregat i världsklass. Vi har ambitionen att fortsätta vara världsledande och söker nu ytterligare en engagerad medarbetare i rollen som Orderadministratör/Innesäljare.

Läs mer på https://www.jobbet.se


We offer a full line of stainless steel and aluminum waterjets with mixed- or axial-flow, covering engine
powers from 112 kW to 21 MW, and intake diameters from 250 mm to 1550 mm. Our units can
be specially adapted for each individual installation giving optimum performance in various
configurations e.g. single, twin, triple and quad waterjet installations.


  1. MJP CSU

  2. MJP DRB

  3. MJP Ultrajet

  4. MJP Podjet

  5. MJP Hybrid

  6. MJP Controls

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Features & Benefits

• Compact Steering Unit

• Duplex stainless steel waterjet with superior wear strength

• Thrust is taken in jet unit in an oil lubricated hub unit 
   accessible from aft available from MJP 550 and up

• Lowest noise and vibration with floating drive
  shaft design

• Mixed flow waterjet with minimum blade tip clearance
   – no wear liner is needed in line of the impeller
   – for the best available jet performance

• Intake either completely or partly of GRP for the best 
  performance, corrosion protection and service life

• Electronic control options – see MJP designers guide


The traditional MJP CSU waterjet with a Compact Steering Unit offers a classic design with superior performance and unmatched service life in for instance Commercial Crafts, Coast Guards, Navy Applications and Yachts.


Adapted scope of supply

MJP offers a package adapted to the vessel and the needs of the customer. MJP customize waterjet selection, jet installation, shafting, intermediate shaft options, hydraulic and electronic control systems. For more information see MJP Designers Guide and contact a MJP sales office for our waterjet suggestions.

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Features & Benefits

• Double Reverse Bucket – inboard hydraulics

• Duplex stainless steel waterjet with superior wear strength

• Lowest noise and vibration with floating drive
  shaft design

• Thrust is taken in jet unit in an oil lubricated hub unit
   accessible from aft available from MJP 550 and up

• Standard intake of GRP for the best performance, 
  corrosion protection and service life

• Mixed flow waterjet with minimum blade tip clearance
  – no wear liner is needed in line of the impeller
  – for the best available jet performance

• Electronic control options – see MJP designers guide


The MJP DRB waterjet with a Double Reverse Bucket offers an inboard hydraulic design with superior performance and unmatched service life in for instance Commercial Crafts, Coast Guards, Navy Applications and Yachts.


Adapted scope of supply

MJP can offer a package adapted to the vessel and the needs of the customer. MJP customize waterjet selection, jet installation, 
shafting, intermediate shaft options, hydraulic and electronic control systems. For more information see MJP Designers Guide and contact a MJP sales office for our waterjet suggestions.

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Features & Benefits

• Excellent resistance to cavitation in displacement craft
  – high thrust at low speed

• Lightweight and compact design with a variety of jet-
  mounted control systems

• Superior manoeuvrability. Ability to accelerate quickly,
  reverse, stop, rotate, hold station and move sideways for
  ease of docking

• Higher mid-range thrust for improved cruising speed
  and economy

• Lower vibration and noise levels than other
  propulsion methods

• Wide range of Marine Jet Power-developed mechanical 
nd electrical reversing controls

• Standard rubber impeller shaft bearing or optional 
  composite bearing, if dry running is required


MJP Ultrajet marine jet drives (waterjet propulsion) feature high-efficiency single-stage axial-flow pump elements with a variety of intake housings and control options. A wide range of impellers match most marine diesel engines from 100 to 1342 kW (134 to 2172 bhp) per jet with the appropriate direct drive or reduction gear ratio. MJP Ultrajet propulsion systems are rated for the real-world operating conditions encountered by commercial and military boats.

MJP Ultrajet drives excel when thrust is required to quickly accelerate the boat on plane with a full fuel and passenger load. To maintain planing attitude at cruise throttle settings, even in turns. Full control is easily maintained in following or quartering seas while still providing the best top speed possible with the available power.


Typical Specifications:

1. Impellers are available to match most diesel and gasoline
    engine and transmission combinations for optimum
    thrust performance.

2. DIN, SAE or other drive flange options can be supplied.

3. Consult Marine Jet Power Technical Department for vessel
    and performance analysis.

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Features & Benefits

• High vehicle swimming speeds

• High thrust at low speeds in the water

• Superior manouverability at all speeds

• Reduced risk of damage

• Low operating and maintenance costs

• Suitable for mechanical and hydraulic drive”


MJP Podjets provide the high thrust necessary for amphibious vehicles to maintain directional control when traversing flowing rivers, exceptional manouverability, ability to hold station in currents and are steerable when reversing in water. Integrated lever or electronic-hydraulic controls are available for forward, neutral, reverse and steering control of the vehicle.


Product Sheet

MJP Podjet
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Features & Benefits

• Complete jet assembly, in aluminum frame for welding
  or bolting into hull structure.

• Well proven, full duplex stainless steel pump with
  superior wear strength. No separate wear liner.

• Part of intake tunnel in GRP for corrosion protection
  and minimum maintenance of intake structure.

• Mixed-flow jet technology with minimum tip clearance
  for superior performance.

• Inboard support bearing and standard shaft length
  prepared for intermediate coupling and shaft.

• Inboard hydraulics with tank unit and valves
  assembled on the jet.


The MJP Hybrid is a unique combination of MJP technologies that offers striking performance in an attractive package, suitable for all high-speed applications. It is a complete jet for fast mounting, welding or bolting, into the hull structure.


Product Sheet

MJP Hybrid Waterjet

General Arrangement

A Force to Trust

Standardized scope of supply

The MJP Hybrid is built for standardization reducing the need for many options. Intermediate shafting between jet shaft and gearbox flange, control system options and special intake shapes are examples of items that can be considered optional.

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Hydromechanical (HM) Control

The Hydromechanical control provides proportional operation of the reversing deflector when actuated by a push/pull cable from the helm. The HM control converts low efforts at the helm to hydraulic actuation of the reverse deflector, even at full throttle. The HM control is available for the UltraJet models 251, 305, 305HT, 340, 377, and 410.

Electrohydraulic Jog (EHJ) Control

The Electrohydraulic Jog is a non-proportional control of reversing deflector(s) actuated a joystick or toggle at the helm to electrically actuate a solenoid-operated hydraulic valve on the waterjet. Hydraulic flow from this valve actuates the reversing deflector. The EHJ control is available on all UltraJet models but used mostly on the 251, 305, 305HT, and 340.

Electrohydraulic Proportional
(EHK) Control

The economical Electrohydraulic Proportional control operates the reversing deflector proportional to helm lever movement. The EHK system is based on Kobelt single or twin-lever helm units, amplifier, and position feedback units. The EHK control is available for all UltraJet models.

JetMaster-Pro Proportional (JMP) Control

The JetMaster-Pro is a PLC-based control system to operate the reversing deflector(s) proportional to helm lever movement. The system is available with single or twin lever helm control for single or twin jets respectively. The JetMaster-Pro control is available for all UltraJet models.

JetMaster Joystick
(JMJ) Controls

Marine Jet Power, and predecessor companies Ultra Dynamics and Ultra Hydraulics, have been supplying joystick controls for vessels under 75 feet since 1995. These Ultra-developed joystick systems are used to accurately control forward, reverse and neutral positioning of the boat using vectored thrust from the waterjet drive(s). The JetMaster Joystick controls are available for all UltraJet models.

Waterjet Steering Systems

A variety of steering options are available for UltraJet units and for use with the above reversing controls. Steering options include steering position indicators, electronic synchronization for catamarans, and auto-steer (autopilot).


General Arrangement

A Force to Trust

Hydraulic Systems

The above control systems are to precisely position the reversing deflectors with the deflectors being actuated hydraulically. A variety of pump and valve systems are available from Marine Jet Power to operate the waterjet controls only and/or to operate additional functions such as a hydraulic bow thruster and anchor windlass.

ACS - Azimuth control system

Two Azimuth levers and one second steer tiller. Each Azimuth lever controls its dedicated waterjet. The system can operate in Separate or Common mode, with Autopilot or with the second steer tiller conveniently positioned in the armrest. This system requires more of the captain to efficiently operate the vessel.

VCS - Vector Control System

This system offers operation with a joystick and steering tiller (or wheel). The computer translates the steering commands, optimises the jet positioning and rpm to make the boat move as requested by the captain for convenient and easy control. The VCS system helps the Captain quickly become an expert in controlling the vessel. The system accepts Autopilot steering signal.

CSW - Combinator and steering wheel

CSW includes combinator with two levers, steering wheel and a VCS joystick. The combinator levers controls the jet buckets and engine rpm, the steering wheel controls steering just like on a traditional boat. Especially on fast vessels it is appreciated to steer with a steering wheel and control the rpm with the combinator levers. The VCS joystick offers full and computerised control of the vessel in a harbour or at slow speed operation. Clutch control is most often included as  well as Autopilot.


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MJP Announces New Service Coordinator in Korea

25 September 2018

BUSAN, Korea (Sept. 25, 2018) - Marine Jet Power (MJP) is pleased to announce that Jun Eom has joined the growing worldwide service and support team, responsible for aftermarket customer care in Korea.

MJP Names New Business Development VP

24 September 2018

UPPSALA, Sweden (Sept. 20, 2018) - Marine Jet Power (MJP) is pleased to announce Damian O’Toole has joined the growing business development team as Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Aftersales Service Solutions. Effective immediately, Damian will be responsible for business development and strategic growth initiatives worldwide.

Vigor Selects MJP Waterjets for MSV(L)

11 September 2018

BLACKLICK, Ohio (Sept. 10, 2018) – Marine Jet Power (MJP) has been selected by Vigor as the propulsion provider for the U.S. Army’s Maneuver Support Vessel (Light), MSV(L), project.

MJP Named Number One in Propulsion by Marine News Magazine

01 August 2018

Honored to be named first in propulsion by Marine News Magazine MN 100. Read all about MJP X Series in the August edition.

MJP Plans to Unveil New Product Line at SeaWork

12 June 2018

UPPSALA, Sweden (June 12, 2018) -  MJP announced today its plans to unveil a new range of waterjets at the upcoming SeaWork Exhibition. Featuring the latest advancements in waterjet propulsion, the X Series is the culmination of precision engineering and years of experience creating stainless steel mixed flow propulsion solutions.

Marine Jet Power’s Privacy Policy

24 May 2018

At Marine Jet Power we do everything we can to protect your data from unauthorized access. All personal data collected is done so in accordance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

MJP Adds to Growing Business Development Team

16 May 2018

BLACKLICK, Ohio (May 15, 2018) -  Marine Jet Power (MJP) is pleased to announce Jordan Tilton has rejoined the growing sales team as Program Manager responsible for key account management and aftermarket business development in the Americas.

MJP Employs Marketing Manager

08 March 2018

Uppsala, SWEDEN. (March 8, 2018) -  Marine Jet Power (MJP) is pleased to welcome Kelsey Nemeth to the MJP team. In her role, Kelsey will be responsible for overall brand development and marketing initiatives worldwide.

MJP Welcomes Back Nils Morén as International Sales Manager

13 February 2018

Uppsala, SWEDEN. (Feb. 13, 2018) -  Marine Jet Power (MJP) welcomes Nils Morén as International Sales Manager responsible for sales in Israel, India, Taiwan and South Korea. In this role Nils will be responsible for business development and customer relations, reporting to MJP CEO, Magnus Sörenson.

Marine Jet Power Korea opening

01 December 2017

“Our ambition is to provide excellent and professional service to our customers in South Korea, together with our local partners” says Silver Park, Managing Director of MJP Korea.

Natoce Joins Marine Jet Power

01 June 2017

Douglas Natoce has joined the company as president and regional director responsible for the Americas.

APAC headquarters moving

12 December 2016

Marine Jet Power moves APAC headquarters to South Korea

New Executive Leadership

18 November 2016

Marine Jet Power Announces New Executive Leadership

Marine Jet Power appoints new CEO

22 June 2016

Marine Jet Power appoints new CEO

Organization Sales & Marketing

12 November 2015

We are very happy to announce that Hans Andersson will take on the responsibility as [....]

Announcement to customers and suppliers

30 June 2015

Marine Jet Power would like to make you aware of the following development [....]

Naval – series of interceptors for Mozambique

01 June 2015

French shipyard Constructions Mecaniques de Normandie has launched the first [....]

Introducing MJP Hybrid

08 September 2014

Marine Jet Power is proud to introduce a totally new product concept optimized for [....]

MJP makes breakthrough in Gulf of Mexico crewboat sector

11 August 2014

Successful sea trials of Rodi Marine’s newest crewboat the M/V Riley Claire have given Marine Jet Power a breakthrough in the [....]

Marine Jet Power strengthens the team with new product specialists

18 June 2014

Marine Jet Power is happy to announce that Joakim Adamsson and Mikael Björndahl are employed as product specialists. Ambition is to keep and further [....]

New Patrol Boats for SEA

07 January 2014

Taiwanese boat builder Lung Teh Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. (LTS) has recently won the contract to deliver a series of patrol boats to [....]

New Regional Director APAC Region

20 December 2013

Marine Jet Power is happy to announce that Robert Magnusson is employed as [....]

MJP News October 2013: Breaking news

17 October 2013

Marine Jet Power preferred bidder in prestigious project in South Korea [....]

MJP News September 2013

30 September 2013

Rodi Marine Services, LLC, has signed a contract with Swiftships Shipbuilders [....]

Direct Comparison of Waterjets

12 June 2013

Two recent refits of waterjets are unique in one respect that they allow a [....]

MJP News 2, 2012: BREAKING NEWS!

01 October 2012

MJP Waterjets AB (“MJP Waterjets”) based in Österbybruk, Sweden has [....]

MJP News 1, 2012: New office in Italy

01 April 2012

MJP is in a very interesting phase. A lot is going on as presented in this news letter. MJP Waterjets has a new ownership [....]

MJP News 2, 2011: Double control for water jets

01 September 2011

MJP WATERJETS has succeeded in combining steering and reversing of two jets simultaneously [....]

MJP News 1, 2011: MJP introduces a five year warranty

01 May 2011

MJP Waterjets AB Company started in 1986. It was a thrilling [....]


MJP News - A newsletter from Marine Jet Power

MJP News November 2016

01 November 2016

MJP delivers fuel efficiency gains, extended service life for San Fran ferry

The fitting of two MJP Mk-2 Waterjets to San Francisco passenger ferry, the Intintoli, has enabled the frequent-use vessel to operate faster and more efficiently, and promises to extend its service life.

Read newsletter here

MJP News June 2016

14 June 2016

The series of WaveCraft Offshore Service Vessels, built by Umoe Mandal AS in Norway, is becoming a real game-changer for Wind Farm Support Vessel (WFSV) market thanks to their impressive performance.

Read newsletter here

MJP News May 2015

15 May 2015

French shipyard Constructions Mecaniques de Nor- mandie (CMN) has launched the first of an initial batch of three HSI32 interceptors destined for the Mozambique Navy. 

Read newsletter here

MJP News September 2014

10 September 2014

Marine Jet Power is proud to introduce a totally new product concept – optimized for high-speed applications and featuring a superior and well proven pump unit. The MJP Hybrid waterjet combines the very best characteristics of the revolutionary MJP DRB series with the highly respected MJP Ultrajet series.

Read newsletter here

MJP News August 2014

14 August 2014

Successful sea trials of Rodi Marine’s newest crew- boat the M/V Riley Claire have given Marine Jet Power a breakthrough in the  ercely competitive Gulf of Mexico crewboat market. The trial results show that all performance predictions were reached and the product is ideal for this application.

Read newsletter here

MJP News September 2013

07 September 2013

Rodi Marine Services, LLc, has signed a contract with Swiftships Shipbuilders, LLc, to build two 53m fast Supply Vessels (fSVs) in support of its continued expansion into the oil and gas industry. The two new fSVs will add to rodi’s existing  eet, providing expanded capabilities in deep water operations.

Read newsletter here

MJP News August 2012

14 August 2012

MJP is in a very interesting phase. A lot is going on as presented in this news letter. MJP Waterjets has a new ownership, a new of ce is opened in Italy, MJP Waterjets einforce its position in the market through notable conversion orders and consolidates its position as the #1 supplier in landing craft applications.

Read newsletter here


After consulting with naval architects, boat builders, owners and operators to select the right waterjet for your application we see our on-going obligation is to maximise your operating time, reduce your maintenance costs and ensure working-life reliability at top waterjet performance.

Our global service team adopt a principle of “following the sun, not the clock” and our mission is to provide a 24/7 response anywhere in the world. From a quick and easy on line solution to emergency call out it is our aim to have you operational with the minimum of disruption.

Commissioning and familiarisation

Commissioning of the Marine Jet Power systems is normally included within the purchase agreement; as a new owner/operator we want to ensure you are familiar with the operating system, routine inspection and maintenance; our service engineers are on hand to make the this easy for you and an initial training session is normally supplied free of charge. This can be on board your vessel or at one of our manufacturing sites or regional offices.

5 year warranty

Available on all DSB and CSU waterjets this 5 year warranty is unrivalled in the industry. Our product design, applications engineering and jet selection, together with high quality parts and controlled manufacturing ensures you receive reliable long life from your waterjet.

Advanced diagnostics

Marine Jet Power designs and manufactures its own control systems in-house; one of the innovations made by the team is a modem based on line diagnostics facility. Access to your on board system may be controlled and activated by the operator or may be a permanent live link to our engineers who will monitor your waterjet system remotely.  The advanced diagnostics allows us to remotely enter your system checking for and repairing faults or give an accurate diagnostics ensuring our call out service is fully prepared with correct parts and equipment to make a quick repair.


Research and development is a key role for our design engineers and we are always seeking ways to improve performance, quality and reliability; as a result we have a series of upgrade options available across MJP and the Ultrajet series.




Extended Value Program, with
fixed-cost service contracts

Many operators prefer the confidence and convenience of annual service contracts with the economic and budgeting benefits of a fixed cost service.  Each waterjet has a detailed replacement period and life cycle cost which is easily transferable into an annual maintenance contract. In addition to “peace of mind” this service also removes any unplanned costs assisting financial planning.    

Our “Extended Value Program” is available on all new waterjets and, subject to a detailed inspection, may be offered to jets already in service. In each case our aim is to maintain your waterjet to the very best standard all within a fixed and known budget.

This facility should be made available to you when you take delivery of your vessel but for vessels already in-service your local regional office will be pleased to assist.

Waterjet conversions and repowering

Marine Jet Power design, applications and service engineers are on hand to assist where vessels require repower or where the operating duty calls for improved performance; in each situation our engineers have successfully and significantly improved vessel performance stripping out original equipment and replacing with the latest MJP or UltraJet technology. Two most recent cases are:  PDF




Genuine spare parts

Marine Jet Power genuine spare parts are available through the regional offices and appointed regional service agents.  We strategically locate spare parts around the world to support our working population of waterjets; this stock includes consumable parts, ancillary items and major components such as machined cast items that might normally be on a long manufacturing lead-time. Our aim is to despatch the same day whether the item is a consumable or major component.


Marine Jet Power Academy

Our training academy is set into practical levels:

waterjet system familiarisation with routine inspection and

fault finding for “get me started” and safe operation

routine maintenance and service intervals for reliable long
  working life

comprehensive training from familiarisation to complete
  strip down, repair/replace parts and rebuilding of waterjets

Training may be on board, in the factory or regional office or at the clients’ offices; we understand that in military and security applications and in remote regions, access for our engineers is not always possible; so, to protect your waterjet we offer a full on board training package and factory based training to ensure your own service personnel are fully competent in all service and repair tasks.



Marine Jet Power AB
Hansellisgatan 6
SE 754 50 Uppsala
Phone: +46 (0) 10 165 10 00


Marine Jet Power Inc.
6740 Commerce Court Drive
Blacklick, OH 43004-9200, USA
Phone: +1 (614) 759 90 00

South Korea

Marine Jet Power Korea Co.Ltd
#604 C1 I-Park, Marinecity 2-Ro 38
48120 Busan, Korea
Phone: +82 (51) 746 6428



Jukka Kukkula
Regional Director, EMEA

Cell: +358 44 591 0034
Mail: jukka.kukkula@marinejetpower.com
Joakim Adamsson
Product Manager
Sales Manager
Cell: +46 (0)72-222 78 71
Mail: joakim.adamsson@marinejetpower.com
Mikael Björndahl
Product Manager
Sales Manager


Cell: +46 (0)72-222 70 65
Mail: mikael.bjorndahl@marinejetpower.com


Nils Morén
Sales Manager

Cell: +46 70 561 1950
Mail: nils.moren@marinejetpower.com

Adam Mills
Product Manager
Sales Manager

Cell: +44 798 4290 687
Mail: adam.mills@marinejetpower.com


Marco Arnaboldi
Area Sales Manager, Italy

Phone: +39 (584) 407 057
Cell: +39 (335) 128 37 23
Mail: marco.arnaboldi@marinejetpower.com

Kelsey Nemeth
Marketing Manager

Phone: +1 704 953 6821
Mail: Kelsey.nemeth@marinejetpower.com


Douglas Natoce
President and Regional Director, Americas

Phone: +1 (740) 404 27 39



Philip Gibson
Director of Sales, Americas


Phone: +1 (985) 882-4073
Cell: +1 (228) 342-5598
Mail: philip.gibson@marinejetpower.com

Jim Campbell
Operations and Sales Manager, Americas

Phone: +1 (614) 759 90 00
Cell: +1 (614) 214 67 27
Mail: jim.campbell@marinejetpower.com

South Korea

Silver Park
Regional Director, South Korea

Cell: +82 10 3148 6428
Mail: silver.park@marinejetpower.com



Niklas Widemark
After Sales & Service Manager 
Phone: +46 (0)295 244 251
Cell: +46 (0)70 235 08 05
Mail: niklas.widemark@marinejetpower.com
Michael Näsström
Service Manager 
Cell: +46 (0)70 300 7611
Mail:  michael.nasstrom@marinejetpower.com
Roger Wiik
Spare Parts & Logistics Support
Phone: +46 (0)10 165 10 24
Cell: +46 (0)70 686 13 00
Mail: roger.wiik@marinejetpower.com

Europe, Middle East and Africa

Lee Welling
Service Engineer 
Phone: +44 1242 707912
Mail: lee.welling@marinejetpower.com
Kerrigan Wonfor
Service Engineer 
Phone: +44 1242 707912
Mail: kerrigan.wonfor@marinejetpower.com


Jordan Tilton
Program Management
After Sales Development
Phone: +1 614-759-9000
Cell: +1 614-306-0539
Mail: jordan.tilton@marinejetpower.com
Dan Miller
Senior Engineer 
Phone: +1 614-759-9000
Cell: +1 740-819-0925
Mail: dan.miller@marinejetpower.com


Jun Eom
Business Development &
Service Manager of MJP Korea
Phone: +82 51 746 6428 
+82 10 2032 5024
Mail: jun.eom@marinejetpower.com
#604 C1 I-Park, Marinecity 2-Ro 38 48120 Busan,


- Region Americas -

New England (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island)

Sales Service
Power Products Systems, LLC
107 Audubon Road, Bldg 1, Suite 10
Wakefield, MA 01880

Mr. Bruce Woodfin
Phone: 781-287-7344
Fax: 781-246-5321
Email: bwoodfin@powerprodsys.com

Power Products provides power solutions for a wide variety of industries and customer needs from the most advanced engines, transmissions, water jet propulsion and emissions/filtration products on the market.


Sales Service
Av. Álvarez Calderón 290

Cal. Cesar Calvo de Araujo 1434
Iquitos 16001
Maria Pia Alzamora M

Phone:  +511 4222341
Mobile: +51 952924477
             +51 952923858
Email: gerencia2@pialze.com

PIALZE is innovation and development of engineering solutions, in marine and industrial applications. Based in Lima and in the Amazon River shores, we provide advance marine technology, distribution of high performance products and after sales service, to meet our client´s specific needs.


Sales Service
Motor Services Hugo Stamp
3190 SW 4th Avenue
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33315

Mr. Torsten Schmitt
Phone: 954-763-3660
Fax: 954-713-0435
Email: torsten.schmitt@mshs.com

Founded in 1983‚ MSHS consistently provides turnkey solutions for the maritime and stationary power industries. The combination of our pursuit of engineering excellence and commitment to customer service has enabled the company to establish relationships with customers worldwide.

- Region EMEA -

Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg

Sales Service
D.C.S Marine Waterjets b.v
Julianastraat 1
3331 XG Zwijndrecht
The Netherlands
Bas Sondag
Phone: +31 (786) 192  003
Email: info@dcsint.nl




Sales Service
DIVCOM d.o.o.
Ratka Petrovica 26
510 00 Rijeka
Nenad Devic
Phone: +385 (51) 503 356
Email: nenad.devcic@ri.htnet.hr


MJP representative for Croatia.


Sales Service
Salmawy United Group Consult
5 (bis) Ahmed Allam St. 
Golf Tower – Sporting21321
Alexandria, Egypt
Mr. Mohamed F. El-Salmawy,
Managing Partner
Phone: +20 10 6168 8989
Email: m.salmawy@sugc-eg.com
MJP representative for Egypt.



Service for
MJP DRB, CSU & Hybrid Range

MDC France
117 chemin de la Nerthe
13016 Marseille

Sales Service for
MJP Ultrajet Range

Parc d’Activités de Napollon
40 Avenue de Lascours

Phone: +33 491 461 559
Email: info@mdc-france.com
Olivier Charles
Phone: +33 6 42 78 41 57
Email: services@mdc-france.com


Phone/Fax: +33 442 362 051

Eric Meriaux
Phone: +33 672 707 058
Email: contact@ultrajet.fr

Ultrajet France is specialized in MJP Ultrajet propulsion equipment for boats from 7 to 30 metres. 

Offering studies, sales, technical and services support.

Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland

GEMO (Generatoren und Motoren
Vertriebs- und Service) GmbH

Seelandstrasse 1
D-23569 Lübeck
Ulrich Jacobsen
Phone: +49 451 160 84270
Fax: +49 451 160 84279
Email: u.jacobsen@gemo-online.de



Sales Service
57-59 Polydefkous Street
Pireaus 18545
George Xanthis
Phone: +30 (210) 4110306
Email: georgexanthis@xanthis.com.gr


Xanthis S.A works both with marine and industrial applications. From small pleasure boats, fishing vessels, trawlers, work boats, tug boats, passenger ferries, car ferries to commercial vessels. Xantis S.A delivers realible customer service and after sales support.


Sales Service
Alboom Marine Co.
Shuwaikh Ghazali Street
Free Trade Zone,
Shuwaikh, Kuwait
Mr. Rajan Varghese - Senior Sales Coordinator
Tel: (965) 24613445 /6/7/8
Mob: (965) 66217951
Fax: (965) 24613449
Email: rajan@alboomkuwait.com
Alboom Marine Co offers covering portfolio of equipment for marine including MJP Waterjets.
Alboom Marine service engineering team is trained by MJP.


Sales Service
Core Ethix International Limited
1032 King Jaja of Opobo Fara Park Estate
Epe Express Way Lekki
Mr. Bruno Brume, CEO
Phone: +234 70 606 47809
Email: Coreethix@gmail.com

MJP representative for Nigeria.





Bergen Group Services
Damsgårdsveien 119, 5162 Laksevåg
Jonny Arefjord,Vice President, Maritime
Phone: +47 922 86 572
Email: jonny.arefjord@bergengroup.no


Our goal is to provide our customers with excellent service and to provide a strong product range with high quality. With good service, we believe that customers should get help when they call us. We are knowledgeable about the products we sell and we normally have short delivery times.


Sales Service
Zawawi Trading Co. L.L.C.
P.O. Box 58, Muscat
Postal Code 100
Sultanate of Oman
Adarsh Taneja – Head Engineering & Projects
Direct:    +968 (0) 24562441
Phone:  +968 (0) 24659381
Fax:         +968 (0) 24659498 / 24659500
Email:   adarsh.ztc@omzest.com

Zawawi Trading Company LLC. is one of the leading multi-faceted companies in Oman holding exclusive trading licenses for some of the world’s most renowned companies including Marine Jet Power.


Sales Service
Induma Máquinas Industriais limitada
Rua Guiomar Torresão Nº 44
2840—188 Pinhal de Frades – Seixal

Phone: +351 212 134 640
Fax: +351 212 134 669


Since 1952 INDUMA, Maquinas Industriais Lda is an active partner in processes of supply of equipment for marine and Industry. We emphasize the propulsions for all kinds of vessels. Induma has also the necessary infra structure and technical qualification to give support to all supplied equipment.


Sales Service
Alkhorayef Commercial
P.O.Box 7236 Jeddah
21462 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Mohd Naser Abughosh
Email: mnaser@alkhorayef.com
Phone: +966 12 4202666
Cell: +966 58 2666 414

Alkhorayef Group diversifies its activities and continued its progress in various fields such as marine, machinery systems, oil, contracting as well as printing and paper.
Today the Group which enjoys a worldwide presence ,operates in more than 40 countries representing renowned quality products and manufacturers.

South Africa, Namibia, Angola, Mozambique

Sales Service
KND Naval Design
84 Shortmarket Street
Cape Town, 8000
South Africa


Kobus Potgieter - Sales Manager
Email: kobus@kobusnavaldesign.com
Phone: +27 (0) 24 825 742 160
KND is the leading naval design architectural practice based in Cape Town, South Africa. Our goal is to realize an owner's expectations by exploring ideas and finding solutions that fuse emotive visual styling with high-performance hull design.


Sales Service
Sedni S.A.
C/. Santo Domingo s/n,
Edificio Alauda, L/C No. 6,
E-03005 Alicante
José Miguel García Córdoba - Sales Manager
Phone: +34 (0) 965 98 21 93, 
            +34 (0) 619 00 83 14
Fax: +34 (0) 965 92 30 65
Email: comercialnaval@sedni.com
S.A. Sedni contributes with advanced technology, experience, motivation and innovation to the development of the shipbuilding industry.


Sales Service
Kizilçam Sokak 13, Aydintepe
34947 Tuzla, Istanbul

Sales Service
Beytul Malci Sokak, 5/1
34427 Beyoglu, Istanbul
Dr Ekber Onuk
Email: kaanonuk@onuk.com
Phone: +90 (216) 392 9970
Fax: +90 (216) 392 9969

Web: www.onuk.com

Demir Sumer
Email: info@786marine.com
Mobile: +90 (532) 700 0385
Phone: +90 (212) 249 7998,
Fax: +90 (212) 251 1236



United Arab Emirates

Sales Service
Turbomot Marine Engineering LLC
United Arab Emirates
Sirajuddin – Head of Operations
Mobile: +971 50 6330573 

Tel: +971 6 5384456
Fax: +971 6 5386845
Email: turbomot@eim.ae

Turbomot Marine Engineering LLC is one among the foremost engineering workshop of European standard established in UAE representing high quality propulsion equipment from diesel engines and gearboxes to Marine Jet Power range of waterjets.

- Region APAC -

China, Hong Kong

Sales Service
FMT Global Resources Pte Ltd
Room 1008 Fudi Wanke Wolicity
Lane 2419 No 30 Block B
Pudong Hu Nan Road
201204 Shanghai, China

Web: www.fmtglobalresources.com
Phone: +86 21 50904120, 50904171
Fax: +86 21 50904789
Contact sales:
Mr Thomas Chu
Mobile: +86 13911627175
Email: thomas_chu2003@yahoo.com.sg

Mr Yoo Wee Sang
Mobile: +86 13901839889
Email: yooweesang@163.com

Mr Johannes Yoo
Mobile: +86 13917841961
Email: johannes_yoo@163.com

Contact service:
Mr. Sun Jia Yan
+86 13928059853
Email: 13928059853@163.com

Mr. Pan Jun
+86 13661562582
Email: 13661562582@163.com

Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Shipyard Limited
98 Tam Kon Shan Road, Ngau Kok Wan,
North Tsing Yi
New Territories
Hong Kong

Mr. Chan Chi-Ming
Mobile: +852 9049 4055
Email: cmc@hkf.com



The Hong Kong Shipyard Limited operates the largest Syncrolift facility in Hong Kong. We also undertake a wide range of ship repairs and maintenance works and offers 24 hours emergency services. With a team of experienced and qualified engineering staff and highly skilled workforce coupled with our fully equipped workshops, we are able to provide engineering services for marine.


Sales Service
Corporate Alliances
204, Vikram Tower 16
Rajindra Place
New Delhi-110008
MPS Gill
Telefax: 91-11-25742350 / 25742351
Email: corporatealliances@gmail.com
Works: N-30, Verna Industrial Estate, 
Phase IV , Goa


Corporate Alliances represent some of the best OEMs of the marine Industry for Sales and after Sales support in India . With our Work facility spread over 40,000 sq feet , we undertake all the major Over hauling and Periodic Routines of various equipment / machinery through our OEM certified Engineers.


Sales Service
PT. Binatirta Wahana Kencana
Komplek Komersial Bizpoint Blok P-58
Cikupa, Tangerang
Jakarta, Indonesia
Mr. Rudi
Cell: +62 818 0716 5231
Email: rudi@ptbwk.com

Web: www.ptbwk.com


Newly established business in 2014 but with management staff experience in the field of jet propulsion systems for in excess of a dozen years. To support the marketing and operation of MJP water jets that we promote and sell, we prepare technicians and application engineers ready to assist our customers in selecting suitable waterjet for their customer needs, carry out the installation and maintenance of waterjets and support throughout the warranty period. Our office facilities including workshop and warehouse are located in the new business centers located in Bizpoint, Cikupa – Tangerang which is very strategic in providing support to customers with MJP waterjets in Indonesia. Whilst marketing MJP waterjets, we also cooperate very closely with the engine manufacturers and boat builders in Indonesia.


Sales Service
MATSUI Corporation
4-7, Azabudai 2-chome, Minatoku,
Tokyo 106-8641 Japan
Mr. Masahiko MATSUI
Tel : +81-3-3586-4141
Fax : +81-3-3224-2410
Email: info@matsui-corp.co.jp

MATSUI Corporation is a Japanese trading company located in the center of Tokyo, which is specialized in machinery.
With 69 years of our wide range knowledge and experience in marine industry, offering you an appropriate solution with MJP waterjets.
Our office is located nationwide, in Sapporo, Sendai, Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka.

South East Asia

Sales Service
5 Soon Lee Street #06-25
Pioneer Point
Singapore 627607
Mr. Khai Nizam
Phone: +65 6717 1788
Cell: +65 9712 0043
Email: khai.nizam@kin-marine.com


Powered by MJP Singapore APAC origin manager Khai Nizam. KIN MARINE enhances the capability and strengthen the service organization for MJP waterjet propulsion system installation including full Sales & Service of Marine Jet Power products providing engineers support in South East Asia. The fuel to thrust.

South Korea

Sales Service
3rd Fl Wooyang Bldg
460-1 Seogyo-dong Mapo-gu
Seoul 121-841 Korea
Dr. J. S. Im - Executive Vice President
Phone: +82 (0) 2 324 4611,
            +82 (0) 2 320 4631
Fax:     +82 (0) 2 323 2531
Email:   j.s.im@ubmtech.com
UBMTECH has been promoting and distributing marine and naval products over 30 years in Korea.

Sri Lanka

Sales Service
De Soysa & Co Ltd
No 810, Maradana Road
Colombo 10, Sri Lanka
D.W.S. Kariapperuma – Director
Phone: + 94 11 672268 
Fax: +94 11 672268

Phone: +94 11 2684901-3
Tlx: 21422 DESO CE
Fax: +94 11 2684905
The Company is engaged in the importation and distribution of machinery and accessories, engines, generators etc. representing internationally reputed organizations within the territory of Sri Lanka. We also maintain a fully fledged workshop to conduct warranty services, repairs and routine maintenance of Machines sold by us.


Sales Service
Universal Development Corp.
No. 27 Lane 82 Sec 7
Zhong Shan N. Rd.
11152 Taipei
Mr. Michael Kuan
Mobile: +886 935 212 048
Phone: +886 2 2873 7484
Fax: +886 2 2873 7784
Email: info@udcmarine.com
Universal Development Corp. are serving the Taiwan marine market by supplying high quality propulsion systems, fire fighting systems, etc.



Executive Committee

Magnus Sörenson
Cell: +46(0) 70 820 02 21
Mail: magnus.sorenson@marinejetpower.com

Marine Jet Power Holding AB
Hansellisgatan 6
SE 754 50 Uppsala, Sweden
Erling Tomasson
Cell: +46 (0)73 070 37 74
Mail: erling.tomasson@marinejetpower.com

Marine Jet Power Holding AB
Hansellisgatan 6
SE 754 50 Uppsala, Sweden
Staffan Sörmark 
Cell: +46 70 281 52 56
Mail: staffan.sormark@marinejetpower.com

Marine Jet Power Holding AB
Hansellisgatan 6
SE 754 50 Uppsala, Sweden

Damian O´Toole 
Cell: +46 70 086 55 00
Mail: damian.otoole@marinejetpower.com

Marine Jet Power Holding AB
Hansellisgatan 6
SE 754 50 Uppsala, Sweden

Board of Directors

Claes Rudling
Board member

Janne Holmia
Board member owner representative

Arne Handeland
Board member owner representative

Jan Söderström


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