MJP News 1, 2012: New office in Italy

01 April 2012

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MJP is in a very interesting phase. A lot is going on as presented in this news letter. MJP Waterjets has a new ownership, a new office is opened in Italy, MJP Waterjets reinforce its position in the market through notable conversion orders and consolidates its position as the #1 supplier in landing craft applications.

MJP Italy

From 2012 MJP Waterjets has its own sales & service office in Italy. Mr Marco Arnaboldi looks after new business as well as after sales matters.

It is a reinforcement of MJP strength in the Mediterranean region offering a quick hands on response. Marco Arnaboldi is also an expert in fast vessels and can offer our customers his expertise and vast experience in that field.

Despite the financial crisis that has hit several countries around the Mediterranean we are happy to announce two more orders for AB Yachts. It is one ship set for a AB 140 and one ship set for a AB 116. AB Yachts equipped with MJP Waterjets offers fast luxurious yachts with low fuel consumption at low, medium and high speeds setting a new standard for waterjet driven

At the 52nd Genoa boat show, 6 to 14 October 2012, MJP will have its own stand presenting MJP in Italy and a MJP 550 CSU jet – we hope to see old and new customers there!


MJP Waterjets has taken two notable orders changing existing waterjet installations for MJP Waterjets equipment.

One vessel is brand new. In the other vessels the installed equipment has been operational for quite many years. The reason for changing is different. In the first the main reason is lack of performance. In the second the main reasons are lack of after sales support and corrosion problems. MD Hans Andersson says that “We are of course extremely happy for the confidence
shown in our product and organization. At the same time it is a challenge to continuously improve and to meet market expectations and to once again prove performance, both in the product and in the market, project and after sales support. On the other hand our track record with a proven product, a good sales record and fine references speaks for themselves”.

Landing crafts

MJP Waterjets consolidates its position as the leading supplier of heavy duty propulsion for landing crafts. One order is for Spain for export onto Australia and the Royal Australian Navy.

The other order is for the South Korean Navy. The landing crafts is part of larger Amphibious Assault Ships that is used for launching and retrieving troops and vehicles from sea shores. Orders are taken very much based on ten years of operational experience of similar crafts fitted with MJP Waterjets. The waterjet equipped landing craft vessel combines low and high operational speeds and shallow draft in a protected propulsion. MJP Waterjets products are very suitable for the severe application since it is proven in the sandy and muddy conditions with a lot of debris encountered at the beaches. An application and operational profile that suits MJP Waterjets duplex stainless steel mixed flow jets very well.

New Ownership

From 1st of April 2012 MJP Waterjets and all the companies in our group has a new owner through Scandinavian investor company Verdane Capital.

Our management is deeply involved in the changeover process and it is our ambition that our customers in the short run will not notice any difference at all. In the long run the intention is a more aggressive and optimistic ownership that will create a favorable development of MJP Waterjets and our products leading to more business opportunities for MJP Waterjets.