Naval – series of interceptors for Mozambique

01 June 2015

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French shipyard Constructions Mecaniques de Normandie (CMN) has launched the first of an initial batch of three HSI32 interceptors destined for the Mozambique Navy.

The vessel was launched at CMN’s facility in Cherbourg on 18 March. The three vessels are scheduled to be delivered via ship over the coming months.

The HSI32s has a length of 32.2 metres and a width of 6.4 metres. Crew complement is 12. The vessel is constructed from aluminium for light weight and agility. Sensor options could include a surveillance radar, electro-optical sensors and a satellite link for transferring images and other data.

During trials the speed well above 50 kn was measured and can undertake patrols for three days, with a range of 800 nautical miles at 12 knots or 580 nautical miles at 33 knots. A 4.8 metre can be launched from the back of the boat. These vessels are ideal for anti- piracy, anti-terrorism and anti-smuggling missions.

Boat Builder: CMN, France
Vessel Length: 32 m
Beam: 7 m
Speed: 47 Knots
Engine Power: 3 x 1790 kW
MJP Waterjets: MJP CSU 550 Double Drive, Plus Single Booster



Umoe Mandal AS, Norway – 2 x MJP CSU 650

The innovative Wave Craft vessel, constructed by Umoe Mandal AS, Umoe Ventus, has started operations with DONG Energy on Borkum Riffgrund 1 on an eight month charter. Umoe Ventus, is a “Surface Effect Ship” (SES) which uses technology that lifts the vessel with an air cushion, which is enclosed by the hulls and flexible rubber sealing at the aft and in the bow. This allows the vessel to travel at speed in higher sea states without compromising passenger comfort. The design developed by Umoe has a length of 26m and a beam of 10m and in plan view is virtually rectangular in shape. The vessel is powered by a pair of diesel engines coupled with MJP’s waterjet propulsion system. The water- jets operate effectively despite the close presence of the enclosed air cushion to the jet intakes. Separate engines power the lift fans installed in the superstructure.

Boat Builder & Designer: Umoe Mandal AS
Length overall: 27,40 m
Length b.p.p.: 23.90 m
Width: 10.00 m
Draft: 0.7 to 3.5 m
Weight: 4 t
GT: 217
IMO number. 9758507

Propulsion machinery consists of 2 x MTU 16V 2000 M72 diesel engines each with an output of 1440 kW which is connected to the 2 x 360 kW diesel mechanical lifting air production and 2 x MJP CSU 650 watercraft construction.

MJP Ultrajet – first choice for Cyprus police patrol boats

Delivery of the four boat sets of MJP Ultrajet 305 ordered by Lung Teh Shipbuilding in Taiwan. Supplied complete with MJP JetMaster Electro-hydraulic reverse control system and jet mounted hydraulic pump.

The high speed Patrol Boats, for supply to the Cyprus Port and Marine Police (Coast Guard) which are currently under construction, will have speeds of up to 45 knots.

Dockstavarvet make waves with SAR boat

Swedish boat builder Dockstavarvet is supplying the first of two search and rescue vessels fitted with MJP DRB 450 Double Drive to the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation (NDLO). A 21 m vessel that during its initial sea trials has already reached speeds in excess of 51 knots with excellent acceleration performance. Dockstavarvet will be delivering the first vessel at the end of June and its sister vessel is scheduled for the end of September this year.

Boat Builder & Designer: Dockstavarvet AB, Sweden
Length: 21.5 m
Beam: 4.6 m
Speed: 51+ Knots
Engine Power: 2 x 1193 kW
MJP Waterjets: MJP DRB 450 Double Drive

69Ft power yacht for Korea

MJP Service Engineers recently commissioned the two Ultrajet 525 units for this vessel. This is the first vessel in a series of Power Yachts to be built and supplied by Samwon Heavy Industries which will incorporate MJP waterjets.

Boat Builder & Designer: Samwon Heavy Industries
Craft type: Power yacht
Construction: Aluminium
Length overall: 21.1 m (69’)
Engines: Twin MTU 8v2000m93 895kw (1,200bhp) @2,450rpm
Wj model & config: 2 x MJP Ultrajet 525
Control system: Electronic Helm jetmaster joystick
Gearbox (w/ratio): Twin zf550 ratio 1.5:1
Certification: Kr
Max. Speed (knots): 27 k

MJP Aftermarket – 5-Year Support Package To 55 Support Vessels

MJP is supplying a 5-year service package to 55 support vessels in South America. The package has included Jet Boat training for the operators from an approved trainer; service and maintenance training for the client’s engineering staff. A local MJP service agent has been trained and appointed and is able to be on board within the hour. Backing this up with a local inventory of spare parts and consumables.

Boat Builder & Designer: Trinity & Horizon
Type: Patrol Craft
Design: Based on Damen 1204 Patrol Boat
Hull: Deep-V Monohull
Construction: Aluminium hull with GRP superstructure
Propulsion: MJP UltraJet 340
Controls: UltraJet JetMaster
Engines: Twin Caterpillar C7 339 kW
Speed: 25 knots
Gearboxes: ZF286
Range: 160 nm

Since Seawork 2014, Marine Jet Power been accredited with DNV Type approval for the MJP Ultrajet 305, 305HT and 340HT models. Through new project awards, full classification has also been accredited such as KR, CR and LR.