MJP News 1, 2011: MJP introduces a five year warranty

01 May 2011

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MJP Waterjets AB Company started in 1986. It was a thrilling first year before the first jet was delivered. Now 25 years have passed and the fi rst jet is still in operation. Over the years MJP Waterjets has grown and become one of the leading players in the market. MJP stands for Heavy Duty, High Performing Waterjets with Excellent Customer Support.

New contract reinforces MJP waterjets position in india

MJP is reinforcing its position as Waterjet supplier to Indian Coast Guard. In the aftermath of the 26/11 2008 attack in Mumbai the Indian authorities have decided to reinforce its Coast Guard forces. MJP have started the first deliveries of MJP 650 DD CSU jets for in total 36 ship sets in a prestigious order for Larsen & Toubro. That order is followed by an order for Bharati Shipyard who is also building for the Indian Coast Guard. Interceptors are included in the MJP Waterjets scope of supply for both Bharati and L&T to offer an improved ride control. The Bharati vessel is also equipped with rudders to enhance steering control and course stability. Please contact MJP for more details.


MJP have during 2009 and 2010 been involved in a significant technical development with a customer with speci?c requirements. The vessel has two very different operating conditions. One is with the jet in the waterline as usual.
The other is with the jets very deep down under the water level. The hull shape also called for very speci? c and limited design requirements. All together the limitations led to a complete new design and development of the steering. The hydraulic system is ? tted above the jet and inboard. It is able to operate two
jets in parallel movement with a single hydraulic control. The testing of this new equipment we call CSUI has started in the spring 2011.


MJP Waterjets have during 2010 completed the deliveries of equipment for 22 ship sets to the French Shipyard OCEA. Their 30 meter design is equipped with MJP 500 DRB waterjets. With 1340 kW engines the ship speed is above 30 knots. The shipyard is marketing the successful and impressive design around the world and MJP have received completing orders for more vessels. The delivery includes complete GRP intakes bolted to the aluminum structure. The shipyard appreciates the efficient mounting procedure, the performance of the vessel and the back up and support from MJP Waterjets.

South Africa

In 2010 MJP started in South Africa. It has resulted in several deliveries. The first had sea trials in the beginning of 2011. The vessel is equipped with MJP 500 DRB jets. The vessel is 30 meter and speed is 35 knots, with three 970 kW engines. MJP Waterjets congratulates the team in South Africa to a job well done.

Israel / Romania

In 20110 MJP completed the delivery of four ship sets for Israel Shipyard and their project for Romanian Border Police. The project followed a successful delivery with jets for a patrol vessel with 2 x 1790 kW and over 45 knot speed. The Romanian vessels are equipped with 2 x 1630 kW and is still achieving a very good 43 knot ship speed. The shipyard commended the MJP support during delivery and the excellent ship performance. The yard noted almost half the time to accelerate from 0 to 40 knots with MJP Waterjets compared to a sister vessel equipped with a competing brand.


MJP Waterjets organized a training to ship operators in Zhuhai, South China in April 2011. The local agent worked closely with the local operator Zhuhai Haitong Shipping Co Ltd who was making this event possible in organizing this event that enabled practical training on board the ferries “Hai Yu” and “Hai Jun”. MJP Director of Sales for China, Mr. Björn Hanberg, kicked off this event with MJP Waterjets Presentation to 48 participants comprising of chief engineers, superintendents and managers from several operators. MJP service manager Michael Nasström with over twenty years of ?eld experience started the training by giving the audience an insight of the various patent designs of MJP waterjet that has seen an increasing dominance in the waterjet propulsion vessels market globally in recent years. The training included both theoretical as well as hands on training on all components in the system. MJP Waterjets is very grateful to the local agent FMT Global Resources Pte Ltd, Mr. Yoo Wee Sang and Mr. Eddie Pan for the very good arrangements and of course the local operator Zhuhai Haitong Shipping Co Ltd who was making this event possible. The training was very much appreciated and as a result MJP have plans to conduct more such interactive customer trainings in future.

MJP Waterjet focus on exhibitions

MJP Waterjets is participating in many exhibitions during 2011.
–It is an important tool to explore new markets and to reinforce existing business relationships, says Nils Morén, Sales Manager of MJP Waterjets.
MJP is participating in 2011in Singapore’s Work Boat World and IMDEX Asia, Norshipping in Oslo, Norway, International Maritime Defence Show (IMDS) in St. Petersburg, Russia, Kormarine in South Korea, Inmex in Mumbai, India and Marintec China 2011 in Shanghai.


MJP had the pleasure to participate in the Christening Ceremony of the Shooting Star in 26 March 2011. Danish Yachts is a shipyard beautifully located in Skagen, Denmark. The yard track record is building extraordinary vessels like the beautiful sailing vessel Ranger, an J-Class Classic. Military and yachts of different types are also on the program. The Shooting Star is an Aerocruiser 38 a Carbon ?ber luxury yacht with very high standards and excellent design and thrilling lines. Equipped with 3,440 kW engines and MJP 750 CSU waterjets very high ship speeds, up to 50 knots, are projected.


MJP Warterjets never ends to amaze – ?ve years warranty...

MJP Waterjets is known for its long lasting heavy duty products and sets the new standard in propulsion business with a ? ve year warranty. The materials used are duplex stainless steel and stands the most severe operating conditions.
–We want to make a statement to all customers that our product is superior in strength, that wear and corrosion resistance is the best in the market and that operators can trust and rely on our service and spare parts says MJP Waterjets MD Hans Andersson.
The warranty is valid for material and workmanship and requires only that the service instructions are followed and original spare parts are used. The warranty follows with the ship even if the ownership of the vessel is changed. By using the all stainless steel jet and GRP intakes the ship owner receives the best service life with the lowest Life Cycle Cost.
–With the ?ve year warranty we show the customers that he gets more value for money concludes MD Hans Andersson.

Singapore office

In 2010 MJP started its sales expansion with its ?rst foreign of?ce in Singapore. Jukka Kukkula is employed and covers Asia and Middle East countries. Jukka has long experience of Marine propulsion equipment. The Of?cial Grand Opening took place in the Swedish Ambassadors residence in Singapore including the mandatory lucky draw. The Fortuna goddess played a game with everybody and the happy winner was a long time MJP customer Andrew Yeo of Marinteknik Shipbuilders Pte Ltd Singapore. The location in Singapore enables MJP to react quicker and to have better attendance in the market.

For more information, please contact:

Managing Director Hans Andersson,
by email at hans.andersson@mjp.se,
or phone at +46 702 14 02 95

Sales Manager Nils Morén,
by email at nils.moren@mjp.se,
or phone at +46 705 61 19 50

Vice President Sales Asia & Middle East region Jukka Kukkula,
by email at jukka.kukkula@mjp.se,
or phone at +65 8186 9550

Vice President Sales Björn Hanberg,
by email at bjorn.hanberg@mjp.se,
or phone at +46 705 79 13 39

Regional Sales Manager Mats Hermansson,
by email at mats.hermansson@mjp.se,
or phone at +46 706 30 71 86