Because the world’s best waterjet deserves the world’s best control system, that’s why we’ve created the Jetmaster 3. MJP controls offer the ultimate in flexibility, precision and customization. The Jetmaster’s innovative modular control system gives users the very best in durable hardware and advanced software.

Our systems offer numerous options, such as additional steering stations, integration of rudders, interceptors and bow thrusters. MJP can also offer interfaces for unmanned and DP-controlled vessels and “black box” Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) connection is available. Remote-control system service access is possible through the remote access module.


Single or twin lever forward and reverse thrust with optional engine RPM and clutch integration.

Steering Wheel

Port and starboard steering functionality plus optional tiller steer and armrest mounted intuitive autopilot integration.

Control Screen

7 or 15-inch touch screen display for waterjet control and diagnostics.

Vector Control System

The VCS joystick offers full and true vector control in harbor or at slow speed, close quarter maneuvering. Clutch control is most often included as well as autopilot.

The Freedom to Choose

With the X series, users have the option to choose between industry leading Jetmaster electronic controls or select hydromechanical controls. We can custom suit a controls package to fit your mission requirements.