Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to Power an Ambitious Vehicles?

    PodJets: Propelling Amphibious Vehicles For hefty amphibious vehicles, conquering both land and water requires powerful yet maneuverable propulsion. Meet PodJets, a […]

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  • How To Choose The Right Impeller Pitch Degree – ULTRAJET Parts

    The impeller pitch degree is an important factor that affects the performance of your Ultrajet. It influences how much […]

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  • Duplex Stainless Impeller for UltraJet Waterjets

    The all-new duplex stainless steel impeller is an upgrade for Ultrajet waterjets, specifically the 340 HT model for […]

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  • What are the Advantages of Waterjets?

    Marine Jet Power (MJP) stands out for its innovative waterjet propulsion systems. Unlike propellers, waterjets use a powerful stream of […]

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  • Do You Need A Gearbox To Operate MJP Waterjets?

    In this video, you’ll hear if you need a gearbox to operate MJP Waterjets. Depending on your intended […]

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  • How are Waterjets Made?

    Waterjet propulsion systems have become an integral part of marine technology, enabling efficient and powerful propulsion for vessels […]

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  • benefits of waterjets

    Benefits of waterjets when docking

    One frequently asked question we receive revolves around the maneuverability of vessels equipped with waterjet propulsion systems, particularly […]

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  • Marine Jet Power 5-Year Warranty

    How to Maintain the Terms of your Warranty

    Maintaining Your Marine Jet Power 5-Year Warranty: Tips for Optimal Performance Marine Jet Power takes pride in offering […]

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  • remote gateway

    How to install the remote gateway for faster support

    Unlocking Seamless Remote Support: A Guide to Installing MJP Waterjet Controls’ Remote Gateway In the ever-evolving landscape of […]

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  • podjets

    What is a PodJet and How Does it Work?

    An amphibious vehicle is a vehicle that has means of transport viable on land and by water. MJP’s […]

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  • service training

    Do you offer service training?

    Through Marine Jet Power’s MJP Academy, we offer service training from level one to level four on both […]

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  • X-Series waterjets

    How often do I need to service my X-Series waterjets?

    Marine Jet Power X-Series waterjets are backed by an industry leading 5-year warranty. In order to comply with […]

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  • intake grid

    What is an intake grid and do I need one?

    Intake grid covers help keep unwanted debris out of the waterjet intake. And in most applications, MJP does […]

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  • spare parts

    Can I order spare parts online?

    It has never been easier to access information about your installed waterjets. The new user experience offers […]

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  • Duplex Stainless Steel

    What is Duplex Stainless Steel?

    Duplex stainless steel is double the yield strength of stainless steel, meaning that is stronger, more durable, more […]

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  • Impeller Tip Clearance

    What is Impeller Tip Clearance?

    Impeller tip clearance is the gap between the impeller blades and the pump casing. The importance of having […]

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  • Axial-Flow

    Mixed-flow vs. Axial-Flow and understanding the benefits and advantages of both.

    Axial-Flow is where the flow comes into the intake the diameter of the intake is the same as the […]

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  • Waterjet

    What is a waterjet and how does it work?

    Waterjets in essence are just large water pumps. A Waterjet works by generating propulsive thrust, created when water […]

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