Stealth Trimaran Fast Attack Craft for Indonesian Navy

Stealth wave-piercing trimaran carbon fast attack craft (DNVGL Patrol Boat) KRI Golok (688) built by PT Lundin Industry Invest (also known as North Sea Boats) was recently launched featuring quad MJP 550 CSU waterjets. The fast attack craft (FAC) employs a modern “Wave Piercing” trimaran design. This allows the vessel to cut-through waves rather than rise up and over them, and the increased beam provides inherent stability. This combination of features reduces both pitching and rolling, creating a stable weapons platform, and enabling the vessel to comfortably and safely maintain higher average speeds in adverse conditions.

Length: 63.5 M
Beam: 16 m
Speed: +30 Knots
Engine Power: 4 x 1800 HP MAN V12
Year: 2021
Waterjets: Quad MJP 550 CSU


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