Benefits of waterjets when docking

One frequently asked question we receive revolves around the maneuverability of vessels equipped with waterjet propulsion systems, particularly when it comes to the process of docking. At MJP we have developed several features within our JetMaster electronic control system to facilitate seamless docking and enhance vessel maneuverability.

MJP’s electronic control system, JetMaster, offers an array of intuitive functionalities that streamline vessel control, especially during docking operations. Operators have the option to employ twin levers for controlling bucket and RPM (Revolutions Per Minute), while the steering wheel governs the vessel’s direction. However, what truly sets JetMaster apart is its innovative docking mode, which introduces a different approach to docking, making it an effortless task.

MJP’s docking mode utelizes the integration of VCS (Vector Control System) with a joystick, simplifying the docking process. Regardless of whether the vessel is equipped with 2, 3, or 4 waterjets, this mode empowers operators by enabling independent control of each waterjet. This independent control facilitates the creation of side thrust, thereby eliminating the necessity for a bow thruster, a significant advantage for vessels seeking enhanced maneuverability during docking.

Another standout advantage of waterjet propulsion is the vessel’s ability to achieve 360-degree steering. With a waterjet propulsion system, a vessel can execute a full rotation within its own boat length, a feat that proves invaluable when docking in confined spaces. This attribute not only simplifies the docking procedure but also offers unparalleled precision, making it possible to navigate tight spots with ease.

MJP’s waterjet propulsion system, coupled with the JetMaster electronic control system, presents a game-changing solution to the challenges associated with docking and maneuvering vessels. The innovative docking mode, driven by VCS and joystick integration, transforms docking into a straightforward task, even for vessels equipped with multiple waterjets. The 360-degree steering capability further enhances the vessel’s maneuverability, making it an ideal choice for navigating tight spaces during the docking process. Through these advancements, MJP continues to redefine the standards of vessel control and docking maneuverability in the maritime industry.

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