How often do I need to service my X-Series waterjets?

Marine Jet Power X-Series waterjets are backed by an industry leading 5-year warranty. In order to comply with the terms of your warranty and keep your vessel operating at peak performance, MJP recommends an annual service schedule. In this video, we overview the simplicity of year one and year two serviceable items, which have now been compiled into annual service kits containing everything you need to make your annual service.

Marine Jet Power genuine spare parts are available through our regional offices and appointed regional service agents. We strategically locate spare parts around the world to support our working population of waterjets. This stock includes consumable parts, ancillary items, and major components that might normally be on a long manufacturing lead-time. Our aim is to eliminate downtime and keep you on the water.

To easily access our X-Series waterjets spare parts catalog and order parts online please visit our spare parts portal here: Spare Parts

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