How to Power an Ambitious Vehicles?

PodJets: Propelling Amphibious Vehicles

For hefty amphibious vehicles, conquering both land and water requires powerful yet maneuverable propulsion. Meet PodJets, a compelling alternative to traditional propellers. Marine Jet Power, a leader in PodJet technology, offers three sizes specifically designed for massive vehicles exceeding 30 tons.

PodJets boast several advantages over propellers. Safety is paramount, especially for divers and special forces operating near the watercraft. Unlike exposed propellers, PodJets are encased, eliminating the risk of entanglement or injury.

PodJets deliver superior thrust, propelling these heavy vehicles through water with impressive force.This translates to better performance in rough conditions and the ability to navigate challenging environments.

Maneuverability is another key benefit. Unlike propellers, PodJets can be steered independently, allowing for tighter turns and precise positioning – crucial for navigating narrow waterways or docking in confined spaces.

Finally, PodJets shine in terms of serviceability. Their compact design simplifies maintenance, enabling repairs to be conducted efficiently in the field, minimizing downtime for these vital machines.

As amphibious operations continue to evolve, PodJets are proving themselves as a powerful and versatile solution, offering superior performance, safety, and maneuverability for these modern workhorses.

In the video, Nils Peter Alisio, who heads the government business at Marine Jet Power, discusses three different pod jet sizes available and some of the key advantages of PodJets.

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