What is a PodJet and How Does it Work?

An amphibious vehicle is a vehicle that has means of transport viable on land and by water. MJP’s range of PodJets are a type of waterjet propulsion system used for Amphibious Vehicles. Designed to provide high thrust and maneuverability, particularly in shallow waters or challenging marine environments.

Unlike traditional waterjets, PodJets are modular and self-contained, consisting of an engine, impeller, and nozzle enclosed in a pod-shaped housing. This modular design allows for easy installation and maintenance, as well as enhanced performance and efficiency.

With thousands of units sold for amphibious military applications the MJP PodJet is a proven compact propulsion solution that offers high thrust, extreme maneuverability, and easy installation. 

PodJets are available in several sizes and power configurations to suit different types of amphibious vehicles, from small recreational or tourism crafts to larger military or commercial vehicles. They are designed to operate at high thrust while maintaining excellent maneuverability and control, even in rough water conditions.

The PodJet drives can be mounted in many angular orientations for shaft alignment purposes. They can also be coupled to several power devices including cardan shaft off the primary vehicles engine or an electric or hydraulic motor. 

The optimal and efficient pump design ensures that despite turbulent water flow the MJP PodJet will deliver the promised thrust, no matter the environment.

For more information about MJP’s PodJets, including product specifications, visit MJP PodJets

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