All American Marine Delivers Hydrofoil-Assisted Tour Vessel to Phillips Glaciers

All American Marine (AAM) is delighted to announce the successful delivery of the Chugach Express to Phillips Cruises and Tours, marking a significant milestone in our partnership. This high-speed and long-range eco-tour vessel will operate daily in Prince William Sound and will be based out of Whittier, Alaska.  Developed by Nic de Waal of Teknicraft Design in Auckland, New Zealand, the Chugach Express boasts an 84.5’ x 30.7’ semi-displacement aluminum catamaran hull, representing cutting-edge maritime engineering.

Constructed to US Coast Guard (USCG) Subchapter T classification standards, the vessel features a fuel capacity of 1200 gallons, facilitating fuel-efficient operations. Its design incorporates a dynamic aluminum hydrofoil, enhancing speed and stability at high speeds. Equipped with a propulsion package comprising of MJP 350X Waterjets, powered by quad Scania DI16 082M engines rated at 800 mhp, the Chugach Express ensures optimal performance and reliability.

“I am excited to report that we have completed another vessel that has exceeded our anticipated fully laden performance metrics on the water.” stated Nic de Waal, Principal and Owner of Teknicraft Design.

With a capacity to accommodate 150 passengers, this state-of-the-art vessel will enrich Phillips Cruises and Tours offerings, providing enhanced tour experiences for visitors to Prince William Sound. Featuring top-of-the-line amenities, the Chugach Express prioritizes customer comfort and satisfaction throughout their journey, further elevating Phillips Cruises and Tours’ reputation for exceptional service and memorable excursions.

With the delivery of the Chugach Express from All American Marine, we’re thrilled to embark on this new chapter for our business. Working with the in-house design/build operation of Teknicraft and All American was seamless. We’re already impressed by how well the vessel performs, and we can’t wait to enhance our guests’ experiences and ensure our company operates efficiently and sustainably.” stated Casey Neumann, Managing Partner, Phillips Cruises and Tours.

The new sightseeing vessel integrates the signature Teknicraft Design symmetrical and asymmetrical combined hull shape, bow wave piercer, and a patented hydrofoil-assisted hull design. The hull and hull components are designed to break up wave action and ensure reduced drag while enhancing passenger comfort.  Teknicraft’s innovative, dynamic hydrofoil-assisted hull design is proven to have industry-leading low-wake wash energy and fuel economy. The main foil action reduces the power needed to maintain service speed; therefore, fuel consumption and running costs are reduced significantly while enhancing the ride’s softness, especially in choppy seas. Our unique hydrofoil system consists of the main foil spanning the tunnel at the keel, forward of the center of gravity position and two cantilever-type stern foils. The lift produced by the hydrofoil reduces the hull resistance while increasing speed and load-bearing capability.

The unmatched performance metrics and fuel-saving attributes exhibited by a Teknicraft-engineered, All American Marine-constructed hull solidifies our place at the top of the industry in incorporating high-speed, hydrofoil-assisted catamaran technology.

“At All American Marine, we are committed to forging win-win partnerships with every customer. Our unwavering commitmentlies in enhancing their business operations by crafting high-quality vessels at fair and competitive prices, all while providing steadfast support.” affirmed Ron Wille, President & COO of All American Marine. “The exceptional combination of Scania engines and MJP waterjets, coupled with the proven superiority of the Teknicraft hull demonstrated exceptional performance during our sea trials. We are thrilled to enhance the Phillips Cruises and Tours fleet, ensuring a superior passenger experience that will stand the test of time.”

For the operator, one valuable feature of this vessel is the excellent fuel economy while maintaining an estimated fully laden cruise speed of 32+ knots. Onboard the vessel, passengers can bask in the spacious comfort of 150 fully enclosed seats with tables between 2 decks with dual pane windows, as well as exterior seating and standing room for nature viewing. Interior amenities include high-quality Beurteaux seats and electrical outlets with USB plugs at every table.  The entire main deck, including the bow, has wheelchair access and the main deck cabin includes wheelchair-designated seating locations.  Passengers can also enjoy refreshments from a full galley and bar in the main deck cabin. Follow this link to view additional imagery and a 360 walk-through of this tremendous new passenger vessel!

For more information, visit All American Marine.