From Young Picker to Captain: The Story of Joseph Gugel and the F/V Eternity. 

In the summer of 1998, a chance encounter brought together MJP’s Jim Campbell and Joseph Gugel. 

In an effort to better understand the needs of UltraJet customers in Alaska, Jim Campbell boarded the F/V Eternity to get first-hand experience of a Bristol Bay Commercial Salmon season opener. During that time the Eternity was captained by Joseph’s father, Jerry, and was equipped with original UltraJet 303 waterjets. Pictured here are Jim Campbell and Joseph Gugel, as a young boy, in 1998 picking salmon onboard the Eternity. 

Jim Campbell and Joseph Gugel in 1998 onboard the F/V Eternity.

As time flew by, and the years rolled on. The Bristol Bay fishing community thrived, and advancements were made in technology and equipment. The Eternity, too, experienced some changes.Today, 25-years later, Joseph has taken the helm from his father and now captains the Eternity. Currently powered by triple MJP UltraJet 305 HT’s the Eternity is still fishing Bristol Bay and packing fish in the holds.

Even though years had passed since Joseph’s first encounter with Jim and Marine Jet Power, the company’s dedication to the fishing community remained steadfast. 

This past month, as Bristol Bay prepared for yet another successful salmon season, the MJP team visited Alaska to carry on the continued support of customers in the region. On that trip, Jim reconnected with Joseph and discussed yet another upgrade to the Eternity. 

Jim Campbell and Joseph Gugel in 2023 onboard the F/V Eternity.

Joseph Gugel’s journey from a young salmon picker to becoming a respected captain is a testament to the resilience, passion, and support found in Bristol Bay’s fishing community. Marine Jet Power’s commitment to Ultrajet Captains and crew has been an essential part of this remarkable story.

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