MJP Introduces Next Generation of WaterJet Propulsion – X Series

Featuring the latest advancements in waterjet propulsion, the X Series is the culmination of precision engineering and years of experience creating stainless steel mixed flow propulsion solutions.

The new range of waterjets capitalize on MJPs successful duplex steel product line by offering a highly efficient, highly durable product at a much lower price point. The unique technology behind the X Series reduces power demand by up to 20 percent and can reduce weight by up to 10 percent compared to axial flow jets.

With key features such as one-piece skidded installation and easily accessible inspection hatches, the X Series has been designed from the start to be easily installed and maintained in the field.

“We’ve really taken the time to design and engineer this product with designers, builders and operators in mind,” said Magnus Sörenson, MJP CEO. “This product is easy to install and even easier to maintain in the field, saving time and money over the total lifecycle of the product.”

While the X Series has been optimized to integrate with the company’s JetMaster 3 electronics system, the new jets have also been designed for hydromechanical (HM) controls.

”Based on feedback from customers worldwide, we’ve designed the X Series so operators can choose their controls set up,” said Adam Mills, MJP’s UK based Regional Sales Manager. “By offering both HM and electronic controls, operators have greater flexibility to customize a solution to fit their specific needs depending upon operating conditions and preference.”

The series currently features three sizes, the 280X, 310X and 350X. The 310X is available now and on display this week in the Marine Jet Power stand (PG90) at SeaWork International.

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