How to Maintain the Terms of your Warranty

Listen in as Henrik explains the terms of your 5-year warranty.

Maintaining Your Marine Jet Power 5-Year Warranty: Tips for Optimal Performance

Marine Jet Power takes pride in offering an exceptional 5-year warranty on its MJP X-Series, CSU, and DRB waterjets, while also providing a 1-year warranty for UltraJet waterjets. To make the most of this warranty and ensure you’re eligible for potential repairs, replacements, and covered services, following these guidelines is crucial. These steps not only safeguard your warranty but also enhance the operational efficiency of your MJP waterjet propulsion system.

  1. Exclusively Use MJP Genuine Spare Parts: There is a marked difference in performance, reliability and durability of genuine parts. As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, Marine Jet Power regularly incorporates enhancements into the latest production and our genuine parts catalog. Access MJP genuine spare parts through our regional offices and authorized regional service agents. We’ve strategically positioned spare parts globally to support our operational waterjets. This comprehensive stock includes consumables, ancillary items, and major components that might otherwise have lengthy manufacturing lead times. 
  2. Adhere to the Planned Maintenance Schedule: Depending on your specific waterjet model, Marine Jet Power has developed maintenance schedules based on your operational hours or annual maintenance cycles. By following these schedules thoroughly, you help ensure the longevity and peak performance of your waterjet propulsion system.
  3. Rely on MJP Authorized Service Technicians: Whether you choose an MJP factory service representative or opt for one of our globally authorized service agents, rest assured that our network of highly skilled service engineers are equipped to deliver the best service experience possible. These experts are extensively trained to handle all aspects of your waterjet system’s maintenance and repair needs.

Upholding your Marine Jet Power warranty involves several critical practices that not only safeguard your warranty coverage but also optimize the functionality of your MJP waterjet propulsion system. By exclusively using genuine MJP spare parts, adhering to prescribed maintenance schedules, and relying on authorized service technicians, you’re taking essential steps toward ensuring a seamless and high-performance experience with your waterjet system. Our commitment to quality and excellence remains steadfast, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

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