What is Duplex Stainless Steel?

Duplex stainless steel is double the yield strength of stainless steel, meaning that is stronger, more durable, more corrosion resistant with a higher resistance to stress fatigue or cracking compared to 316 stainless. 

This is why MJP chooses to construct its waterjets from duplex stainless steel. Which is why MJP is able to offer a 5-yr warranty on its stainless steel product lines –  CSU, DRB and X-Series. 

What is Impeller Tip Clearance?

Impeller tip clearance is the gap between the impeller blades and the pump casing. The importance of having […]

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Mixed-flow vs. Axial-Flow and understanding the benefits and advantages of both.

We are talking about the flow coming into the jet through the pump and out the nozzle and […]

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What is a waterjet and how does it work?

Waterjets in essence are just large water pumps. They work by generating propulsive thrust, created when water is […]

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