What is Duplex Stainless Steel?

Duplex stainless steel is double the yield strength of stainless steel, meaning that is stronger, more durable, more corrosion resistant with a higher resistance to stress fatigue or cracking compared to 316 stainless. 

This is why MJP chooses to construct its waterjets from duplex stainless steel. Which is why MJP is able to offer a 5-yr warranty on its stainless steel product lines –  CSU, DRB and X-Series. 

Do You Need A Gearbox To Operate MJP Waterjets?

In this video, you’ll hear if you need a gearbox to operate MJP Waterjets. Depending on your intended […]

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How are Waterjets Made?

Waterjet propulsion systems have become an integral part of marine technology, enabling efficient and powerful propulsion for vessels […]

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benefits of waterjets

Benefits of waterjets when docking

One frequently asked question we receive revolves around the maneuverability of vessels equipped with waterjet propulsion systems, particularly […]

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