High-THRUST for Low-SPEED operation

Unparalleled power at low speeds: Introducing the MJP X-HT, the high-thrust variant of our acclaimed X-Series waterjets. Engineered for maximum performance at low and medium speeds, the MJP X-HT is ideal for demanding commercial and industrial applications.


Well known and proven X-Series Design

Building on the trusted X-Series design, the X-HT waterjet delivers proven performance optimized for low-speed applications, ensuring reliability and familiarity for your next project.


The X-HT jets delivers more thrust compared to other jets in the same range and is optimized for efficiency at slow speed and high bollard pull capabilities

Minimal Inboard Footprint

The X-HT series boasts a compact design that allows for larger diameter jets to be installed in narrower hulls, optimizing performance without compromising space

Input Power

The lower-input power capability of the X-HT ensures it remains lightweight and cost-effective to operate, crucial for the efficiency and sustainability of wind farm operations

Duplex Stainless Steel Pump Construction

Our duplex stainless steel pump has been expertly engineered to be the most efficient and durable pump ever built


Max KS


611 kW - 1000 kW

819 - 2776 bhp


Pump Unit
Duplex Stainless Steel

For Vessels


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For Vessels that
operate at low-speed

  • Increased Bollard Pull
  • High Thrust
  • Smaller Footprint
  • Optimized Efficiency at Slow Speed

280X-HT650 kg140 L611117798075940011051475770965
310X-HT880 kg200 L80013261102859450115916608651086
350X-HT1124 kg280 L100014621225991500132918439601207
specifications are in millimeters (mm)

Dependable Power & Precision Control

When you are transferring a crew from your vessel to a pylon you need complete control and reliable power. MJP’s incredibly dependable waterjets offer precision control, high thrust, and low fuel consumption, so you can rest assured you’ll be on-time, and on-target, every time. Our duplex stainless steel structure makes our jets the strongest and most corrosion resistant in the industry.

The MJP steering units and DPO functionality provide precise direction control and maneuverability allowing you to effortlessly navigate to your target and stay there while loitering or loading. Built to get you and your crew where they need to be safely, quickly, and comfortably.

500X Power in a 350X Body

Enhanced Thrust and Efficiency
The X-HT jets delivers more thrust compared to other jets in the same range and is optimized for efficiency at slow speeds. This makes the X-HT particularly well-suited for vessels operating in and around wind farms, where precise maneuvering and consistent power are essential.

350X-HT compared to the 500X

Space-Saving Design
The compact design allows for larger diameter jets to be fitted into narrower hulls, maximizing thrust without requiring extensive modifications to the vessel’s structure.

Range of Sizes and Power Ratings
The X-HT is currently available in three sizes, the 280 X-HT, 310 X-HT, and 350 X-HT, with maximum power ratings of 611 kW, 800 kW, and 1000 kW respectively. This range of options ensures that there is a suitable model for a variety of vessel types and operational requirements.

Environmentally Friendly
Low-power operation reduces fuel consumption and emissions. 

Efficiency at speed X-HT vs X

Efficiency (%)

Vessel Speed (knots)

Need high speed and efficiency?
The X, in blue, is your champion. It shines at high speeds, keeping you productive without sacrificing performance.

Prioritize efficiency at slower paces?  
The X-HT, in green, is your ideal choice. It excels at maximizing efficiency during tasks that don’t demand top speed.

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